Why Choose Swaper? Here’s 7 Reasons to Convince You

There are many P2P platforms out there – so why choose Swaper?

Glad you asked!

We founded Swaper in 2016, and so far have accumulated nearly 200 million euros in investments and paid nearly 3 million euros to our investors. We won the “Best crowdlending platform” award and a Wealth & Fintech award in 2019.

We’ve also successfully adapted to the new situation under lockdown, and are proud to say Swaper is now stronger than ever before.

If that doesn’t convince you, then here’s why we believe Swaper is one of the best P2P platforms to invest your money.

What is Swaper?

Before we get started: what is Swaper exactly?

We’re a peer to peer platform: which means we allow you to lend out your money to strangers online for a profit. We find the lending companies, who in turn, attract borrowers to take out loans. You provide us with the funds, and once the loan matures, you get your money back with interest.

Our loan originator, Wandoo Finance, is in charge of managing the borrowers and issuing the loans.

At Swaper, we’re in charge of finding the investors and passing on the borrowers’ payments. This system allows us to source a large number of loans with a wide diversity across countries such as Poland and Spain.

We only provide unsecured consumer loans up to 35 days. As an investor, this offers higher liquidity since you’re able to receive your interest payments every month, and it also offers higher returns since borrowers don’t require collateral.

Why choose Swaper?

14% return

Although P2P investing offers higher returns than other asset classes such as the stock market or bonds, not many P2P platforms offer high returns as we do. Many promise returns of 10% or more, but investors are left with a lot less.

At Swaper, we offer expected returns of 14% per year, and even 16% with our Loyalty Bonus. That’s a lot higher than the industry average! How are we able to offer such high returns? Our loan originator, Wandoo Finance, makes over 200% on the loans they issue – this means we can pass on a large part of that return to our investors.


At Swaper, we also offer a feature called BuyBack. This means that if a borrower is more than 30 days late on a payment to their loan, we can buy back the loan from you and refund the amount. Not only do we offer full compensation of the principal, but we also return it with interest – this means that no matter how delayed your payment is, you’re still earning interest on it.

Our BuyBack scheme helps reduce the risk that comes with investing in loans online; you’ll have peace of mind that you can get refunded on any payments. Having said that, it is important to be aware that these refunds can take over 30 days from the original due date to be processed, depending on the specific loan situation.

No fees

We don’t charge any fees for opening an account, adding funds, selling your loans or withdrawing your money. You won’t get charged any unexpected fees and any currency conversion difference will be added to your account statement so you’re able to track every single cent.

Sell immediately

With Swaper, you won’t have to worry about not being able to cash out your loans or having to wait years to get your money back. That’s because we make it incredibly easy to liquidate your investments on the secondary market. You won’t even have to find other investors to buy your loans – we buy them back from you directly. You’ll be able to sell and withdraw your money no matter what.

Straightforward to use

When you first get started with P2P investing, you may find some platforms are a bit of a minefield: confusing language, odd acronyms, etc. At Swaper, we keep things as simple as possible using a clear interface and plain English (like this article!). Investing shouldn’t just be for Wall Street brokers and the stock market. We believe it should be easily accessible and to everyone.


We’ve also made it easy to invest with our Auto-Invest Portfolio feature; simply add the funds to your account and set up the Auto-Invest Portfolio. Once again, ease of use is prioritized – to make sure that everyone feels comfortable investing with our platform.

We’ve also made it incredibly easy to reinvest just turn on the “Reinvest” option and when your interest payments come in, these will be automatically reinvested into loans. Your money will keep on accumulating and you’ll be able to track how it grows over time.

Another thing; it’s easy to download your account statements on Excel spreadsheets so you can keep a note of your P2P investment performance.

Invest in-app

We also like to keep things modern, convenient and intuitive.

With Swaper, you also get to invest with our P2P loan app!

This means you can easily keep track of your investments and have access to them no matter where you are. You’ll also receive notifications every time a withdrawal has been processed or your loans have been sold successfully. Of course, you can turn off notifications or mute them, depending on your preference.

One more layer of security is Face and Touch ID. We never compromise when it comes to investing securely.

Want to get the app? You can download on the App Store or get it on Google Play here.


At Swaper, we like to keep things practical, simple and working.

As an investor, you just need to add funds to your account, make a 14% return on your money and then withdraw whenever you need to – no fuss, gimmicks or nasty surprises. If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use way of growing your savings, Swaper is the P2P platform for you.