Auto-Invest: The Best Way to Manage Your P2P Investments

Auto-Invest in P2P investing is like ETFs in the world of stocks and bonds: it’s automatic and offers a great return in the long term.

Auto-Invest is a feature you’ll see offered by many P2P platforms.

That’s because it’s the easiest way to add money to your investments, set up your portfolio and let your money work for you. At Swaper, the Auto-Invest feature is what can get you above-average returns of 14% per year.

What is Auto-Invest?

Auto-Invest is the easiest and most efficient way to invest in P2P loans.

By using the Auto-Invest function, your money will automatically be invested in available loans according to the criteria you choose.

Here are some criteria you’ll be able to adjust:

  • Annual interest: all Swaper loans come at a standard rate of 14%.
  • Maximum investment in one loan: you can set the limit of how you want invested in a single loan – we recommend keeping this number above 100.
  • Remaining principal amount: indicate the loan amount that must be available for investment.
  • Loan term in months: the length of the loans you invest in.
  • Don’t invest if balance is below X: this allows you to set a threshold, so your account balance doesn’t fall below a certain number.
  • Countries: you can select countries where loans are from.
  • Reinvest: you choose whether your interest should be reinvested into new loans or not.
  • Extended: you can pick whether you are comfortable with investing in loans where the borrower has paid interest but has deferred paying the principal.
  • Delayed: you can choose whether you’re comfortable with investing in loans that have been delayed or not.

As you can see, there are quite a few criteria you can adjust which give you more or less control on your investments. With Swaper’s Auto-Invest, you’ll always be able to leave the criteria to its default numbers which will always generate the best returns.

5 Benefits of using Auto-Invest

1. Maximise investment opportunities

The main benefit of using Auto-Invest is that your money will be automatically invested as soon as a suitable loan comes available. For this to happen, make sure the “reinvest” button is on, and your funds will be continuously invested in loans.

Having your money continuously invested means you’ll be able to enjoy the highest interest possible on your money, and further compound it even more. Even if you don’t contribute any extra money, your principal will keep on growing as it keeps on investing in the top loans.

Since Swaper loans are 30-35 days long, the Auto-Invest feature means you won’t need to check your investments every month and everything will be done on your behalf.

2. You don’t waste time

Not interested in manually researching loans and learning about the intricacies of peer to peer lending? Neither are most people!

Another big advantage of using Auto-Invest is that you won’t need to do any manual research, loan tracking or even criteria selection if you don’t want to.

The function runs 24/7 and you won’t need to be in front of your computer or phone to pick your loans. As they say, you really will be “making money in your sleep”!

3. The best loans are prioritised

With the Auto-Invest feature, you can be sure that you’re investing in the top loans.

As a manual investor, it can be difficult to determine which loans are best to invest in since you probably don’t want to spend hours researching loan originators and individual loans.

At Swaper, we’ve partnered with one loan originator and can therefore find all the best loans for, whether they’re on the primary or secondary market.

4. You can start small

With Auto-Invest, you don’t need to commit to a huge amount to get started with online loans.

In fact, with Swaper you just need €10 to get started. That’s because the Auto-Invest feature lets you start as small or as big as you want. This is a good strategy for those who want to first dip their toes into P2P investing before going full-on.

Not sure how much you’re comfortable with investing? No problem. You can always test and change your settings whenever they want.

5. You can always switch

What’s handy is that if you ever find yourself interested in picking your own loans, manual investing is just a couple of clicks away. You can also decide to set up alternating portfolios, combining both manual and automatic.

That being said, demand for investment is high right now, so we do recommend you use our Auto-Invest feature.

How to set up Auto-Invest with Swaper

We’ve made it very easy to set up your Auto-Invest Portfolio with Swaper.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Register your Swaper account and verify your identity
  2. Head to Overview, and then adjust your portfolio size and portfolio term
  3. Click on Create Portfolio
  4. You will be directed to the various criteria that you can adjust, such as “loan term” and “reinvest”
  5. Once you are happy with your criteria selection, you can choose to complete your Auto-Invest Portfolio or adjust more criteria by clicking on “more options”. These advanced criteria may limit the number of loans you can invest in, so if you’re unsure what to do it’s best to leave it to default
  6. Confirm your Auto-Invest Portfolio – voila! You’re investing!

(Just to note that with Auto-Invest, it may take a few days before the first investment is made. We appreciate your patience).

You can pause your Auto-Invest Portfolio whenever you want to, and you can also sell it on the secondary market whenever you are ready to liquidate your investments.


There you have it!

Auto-Invest is the feature that lets you invest in P2P loans without having to do research or track company performance. It’s what we recommend to all Swaper investors as it’s the best way to achieve an expected return of 14%.

Whenever you’re interested in getting started, sign up here and create a Swaper account for free.