Why Use a P2P Loan App? Here’s 3 Smart Reasons.

First things first:

Swaper is one of the few P2P investing platforms that allow you to invest with an app!

As a peer to peer investing platform, we connect investors who want to make higher returns on their investments with people who need loans at more favourable rates. We offer both a website dashboard as well as an app, making it easy for investors to invest anywhere and at any time.

Why Swaper?

Swaper is a P2P investing platform for both experienced and novice P2P investors. We offer a clean design, intuitive features, and most of all, a platform and dashboard that actually offers a 14% interest on your investments. Here are some of the perks of choosing Swaper:


We offer buyback on all your investments. That means that if a borrower defaults and takes more than 30 days to pay back their loan, we can compensate you the money along with the interest! You may need to wait a little longer, but you’ll get your entire investment back.

No fees

We won’t charge any fees for you to open an account, add funds or sell your loans. Wandoo, our loan originator, is in charge of issuing the loans and managing the borrowers, and they make a lot of interest on those loans (over 200%!). This is what gives them enough funds to offer buyback and to charge no fees whatsoever to our investors.

High yield

Many other P2P investment sites promise yields above 10% but investors are usually left with significantly less. You can read independent Swaper reviews by The Wealthy Finn and MoneyCheck, and you’ll see that all our investors get at least 14%; and 16% with our loyalty bonus.

3 Benefits of using a P2P loan app

1. Easy to use

Apps are generally more intuitive than websites. If you’re someone who prefers exploring a new programme or software with their hands, an app may be a lot more convenient for you. Sometimes, investment platforms can be confusing to follow on PC; graphs cover the entire screen, the numbers keep updating and there are constant pop-ups (although this doesn’t happen on the Swaper dashboard). With an app, it’s a lot more straightforward.

If you are a P2P investing beginner, you’re less likely to get lost within an app. Download the Swaper app and you’ll be able to create an account and start investing within seconds, without having to worry about always needing access to a computer (we know what it’s like with kids).

2. Get notified

The other benefit of using the Swaper app is that you’ll get instantly notified when your account is funded, a withdrawal is processed or a transfer hasn’t gone through. You’ll be able to always remain up to date with your Swaper account and have quick and easy access to you account movements. If you want to check your account, it’s a lot more secure to access the Swaper website through the app rather than through the browser on your phone.

You can also choose to receive a notification whenever you receive income, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly!

3. Keep track of your investments from anywhere

The Swaper app allows you to keep track of your investments, create new auto-invest portfolios, view transactions and adjust any settings. You’ll be able to do pretty much everything you can on the website also on your phone, which means you can manage your P2P investments from the gym, school or in the bath!

How to get started with Swaper’s P2P loan app

1.   Sign up

If you already have a Swaper account, then you’ll just need to download the app and log in. If not, simply go through the required steps on your phone and you’ll be able to create an account. To create an account you do need to be more than 18 years old, be a resident of an European Economic Area (EEA) country and have a bank account in that country. If you’re new to P2P investing, we also recommend reading up on the risks that come with lending money online.

2.   Verify your identity

You’ll then need to verify your identity – this is something we do to combat anti-money laundering regulations and make sure you are who you say you are. You’ll need to upload a copy of your personal ID and an invoice issued by a utility company or financial institution.

We’ll gather your information and verify your identity and account within a maximum of 3 days (but more likely within 24 hours).

3.   Add funds

You can add funds the minute your account is open – you just need to follow the steps on the screen in order to send your funds to the correct bank account. With Swaper, you can get started with just 10€! We don’t charge any fees and you don’t need to commit to a certain amount of time.

4.   Pick the loans you want to invest in

Our auto-invest function is the most popular feature because it’s set up to maximise the amount of profit you can make from the loans. However, you can also choose to invest manually and select the criteria yourself. Criteria you can choose to adjust includes:

  • Annual interest
  • Maximum investment in one loan
  • Remaining available balance
  • Loan term in months
  • And more!

5.   Track your progress over time

You are now officially investing. Congratulations!

You’ll just need to keep adding funds and see how your investments grow over time. With your phone, you just need to open up your app and you’ll be able to buy and sell loans at all times while enjoying higher interests on your investments!

A P2P loan app makes it easier than ever to get started with P2P investing.

With Swaper, you can set up an account in minutes and start adding funds and investing immediately. Whether you prefer using the dashboard or the app, we’ve made it incredibly easy to invest in the most convenient way for you.

Want to check it out? Download the Swaper app now!

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