Overview of October

There’s no doubt that November is the month to spend more time indoors, as the weather, at least in Estonia, is not inviting. So why don’t we get busy with some retrospective statistics because it’s time to look into October’s statistics.

Let’s see what the numbers have to offer us! In October we added 25 560 new loans to the platform which means the total number of loans that was offered on Swaper was 7,64m eur. This means that since September, the number of offered loans has grown by 529 loans. The total number of all lifetime loans grew to 1,17m, which indicates 2,18% growth since September. Our investors have earned a cumulative interest 5,30m eur return by the end of October. We are thankful to have such amazing investors and we hope to see the growth again in the future.

Last week was also a particular time for Swaper as we announced the Annual Report for the year 2021! It will give you a good overview of Swaper’s accomplishments and goals. We can proudly say that this is something that reflects our growth. Our primary aspiration is to increase the number of loans offered for funding safely and securely.

Here’s what the CEO of Swaper, Indrek Puolokainen, says about Swaper:

“Swaper is strong and performing well. Management is working to continue increasing the number of loans offered for funding by onboarding more suitable loan originators. Another important focus is the development and maintaining the satisfaction of the platform users with the Swaper services.”

Please take a look at the report, and if you have any questions or concerns regarding the financial statement, please feel free to get in touch.

As the year-end is quite reachable, we are confident that the following annual report will show our hard work and determination as we are ambitious to grow.

In case you haven’t had a chance to keep an eye on our blog, we published another exciting post called “The 4% Rule for Retiring”. You can read about its central concept, history and whether it is still relevant today. It gives a nice perspective on how and which decisions to make today in order to live nicely when one achieves the golden age.

That’s all for today, until next time!

Your Swaper Team