November’s Results

It’s the most beautiful time of the year! The end of the year is almost here but before we are eager for you to start putting down your new year’s resolutions, take a look at November’s numbers.

Looking back, November definitely was a busy one! Last month, the number of added new loans to the platform was 27 413 (1853 loans more than month before). Thus, the total number of loans that were offered on Swaper was 8,41m eur, which is 1,7m eur more than November year before. Our investors have earned a cumulative interest of 5,40m eur return by the end of November. We are glad to see the numbers growing, but we couldn’t have done it without our excellent customers. 

One Leasing listed first loans on Swaper!

This was exceptional and exciting for us because the hard work is paying off! Our new loan originator gives our investors a chance to safely invest in car leasing contracts. We have asked One Leasing CEO Darko Blazhev to answer some questions so that you could have a better understanding of how they operate. If you want to read them and more about One Leasing, look at our blog post here and make sure to add One Leasing to your Auto-Invest portfolio!

“Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of European emission standards in traffic by importing and financing vehicles with minimum Euro 5 standards, which will contribute to reducing pollution by up to 80%. Through that, we do our part for increasing the safety standards for the vehicles that drive in traffic.”

Additionally, we added a post called “Why You Shouldn’t try to Time the Market“. This column aims to explain how stressful timing the market can be and why it should work on paper, but in real life, it is an ill fit for people who want to invest for their futures. Look at the post here if you have also wondered about these questions. 

Lastly, if you are already busy with the holidays but still want to see all of the blog’s updates, we published another topic about Evaluating Your Portfolio Performance. We will give you some useful tips on how to start, how often to check it and what to look for. This is a crucially essential topic because portfolio evaluation can help you in many ways.

We wish you a stressless holiday and an ambitious new year!

Your Swaper Team