Looking back at January

Ahh, it’s the season of love! A perfect time to emphasize the importance of devotion and kindness in our lives. In this light, we are honored to have you with us! Let’s take a look at how the first month of 2023 treated us.

First, a quick question: did you know we are changing the Loyalty Bonus threshold?

From the 1st of March, there will be a new threshold to qualify for the Loyalty Bonus program, but only for natural persons and new Loyalty Bonus program members.

Please read more about changes in the Loyalty Bonus system here.

But let’s talk numbers!

By the end of January, our investors had earned a cumulative of 5,67m EUR of interest. Last month we added 27 373 new loans to the platform, which means that the total number of loans grew to 1 235 405, and the total cumulative interest equalled to 367,2m EUR. In conclusion, our investors funded nearly 9,20m EUR of loans the previous month, which is the all-time highest! You can find a more thorough overview on our Statistics page.

Take a look at the post from January if you haven’t already:

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PS! Also, here’s a reminder: with Swaper, you can easily download the Income Statement for your tax return in PDF. Once you have logged in to your account, you will find it under the My Profile area.

If you have any questions regarding taxes or anything else, please get in touch with our support via email at

Until next time!

Your Swaper Team