Insights from the Wandoo Finance Group: Unaudited consolidated report for year 2023

Dear Community,

As we’ve previously communicated, Wandoo Finance Group remains dedicated to providing regular financial updates, including both annual unaudited/audited reports and quarterly operative financial reports.

We are delighted to present the consolidated unaudited financial report of Wandoo Finance Group for the year 2023. Please note that this data is operational and may undergo slight changes during the audit process, with no significant impact expected.

Here’s a comparison of key positions between 2023 and the audited results of 2022:

  • Revenue (net turnover) increased by 64% to 20.5 million EUR;
  • Gross profit increased by 103% to 2.4 million EUR, with the gross profit margin rising from 10% to 12%;
  • Administrative costs rose by 31% to 2.4 million EUR, as Wandoo Finance Group expanded its team to support further growth;
  • EBITDA increased more than sixfold, reaching 3.8 million EUR in 2023;
  • Net profit reached 413 thousand EUR for 2023, a significant reversal from the previous year’s audited loss of 846 thousand EUR;
  • Furthermore, equity has surged to nearly 5 million EUR, a significant jump from the 2.2 million EUR reported in 2022.

To delve into the operational data in more detail, please click the button:

Wandoo Finance Group Annual report (PDF)

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