February’s Results and International Women’s day

We have reached a very special month – here’s to celebrating all women! We have a couple of special things prepared in relation to women and investing for this occasion. But let’s start by looking back at the results from February first.

There are some new milestones that we reached in February.  They may seem like little wins when we compare the results with where we want to be in the near future. But most often, it’s all about the little wins in life while you pave your way to your big goals. Thus, the results. The cumulative funding reached 200 485 920 and we now have paid over 3 mln euros of returns to investors. Our loan originator, Wandoo Finance Group provided us with 20 487 new loans last month. This made the total amount of loans on Swaper cumulate to 672 745.

But there are some more important statistics about the industry of P2P investing that you should know about. We have covered them in our blog last month.

Despite the pandemic, P2P lending is growing and gaining popularity worldwide. You have the chance to see some gathered data about the global, European and UK markets as well as to learn about the affect covid-19 has had for them. Here’s a little preview from the post: “The peer to peer lending market is currently valued at $67.93 billion and is projected to grow at a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.7% from the year 2020 to 2027. In the last year, average funding per loan has risen by nearly 50%, with the UK leading the European market with an expected $2.6 billion in transaction value. Switzerland follows with an expected $1.4 billion worth in P2P business loans.”.

March is a month to celebrate Women’s day! And we also have a fresh blog post dedicated to share light into the topic of why it’s important for women to invest. This year, we want to take a step further in helping women find their way to investing. Thus, we arranged a women’s day giveaway campaign to invite everyone to reach out to some of the special women in their lives who they think are ready to take the next step and start investing.

Check out our Facebook campaign and contribute to women taking their first steps with investing in P2P loans. In case you are not into Facebook, but you want to support and inspire women by helping them find their investment courage, then just share your knowledge with them personally. It’s important to share the word and perhaps even offer to mentor their first steps towards financial freedom. You are also welcome to use our refer-a-friend program to benefit from their first investments.

Women, or men investors –  we think you’re both great! But we can’t help but notice that the percentage of women investors in general is still very modest. Therefore, we passionately hope that more women start investing and bring about the gender balance within the industry.

Enjoy the great returns yourself and contribute by sharing the word so that more people could enjoy the benefits!