April’s overview

Dear investors,

We’re glad to start this overview with some great news. Namely, we were notified last month that re:think P2P lending community has chosen Swaper to perform as the top 10 of P2P platforms. The exact place we were given was the 8th – which we found is a an excellent position within the competitive p2p lending world. And it was also reassuring to see that we were ahead of so many other well-known platforms. For us, it reflects that our aspirations have been fruitful and we’re are thankful for having been noticed.

The most recent Statistics show that our investors have earned a cumulative of 4,54m eur return by the end of April. We added 23 538 new loans to Swaper platform last month. The total cumulative investments count grew to 1 019 139 – that’s a 1M milestone reached for us! And we managed to fund 6,86m euros worth of loans. We are thankful to have such great investors by our side and look forward to keep increasing these numbers in the future.

As usual, we added some blog posts in April that could be of interest to you or perhaps to someone you know. The first one that we would like to bring out will give you an overview of aspects that you should know about investing through ISA. As well as introduce you to some of the different types of ISA. In case you’re not familiar with the term, ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. It’s a type of account that allows you to save or invest a set amount of money yearly.

“What makes this account different from other investment tools, however, is that you’ll never ever have to pay a single penny of taxes on any investment returns with an ISA.”

The other informative post is providing practical tips about how using a credit card can improve your credit score. Some investors divide debt as either bad debt or good debt, while others may suggest that all debt is bad. Despite their individual perception of this, a sudden situation may occur to every one of us, where the only option to solve a problem or to reach a goal is to borrow funds. And thus it may also be wise to make sure in advance that you’re having the type of financial behavior that also enhances your credit score. Just in case. You never know.

That would be all from news’ front this time. Once again, we thank you for your continuous support and wish you a peaceful spring time.


Your Swaper Team