Swaper fourth update during Covid-19 outbreak

Dear investors,

Another week has passed and here is our weekly update on Swaper.

Firstly, our everyday work remains the same – we are still monitoring the situation together with our loan originators and we still see stable results, that we are satisfied with.

Also, as we have mentioned in previous updates, to indicate an early performance of loan portfolio, we use FPD5 (first payment default, in this case, on the 5th day after repayment date). We have collected FPD5 data of the first quarter of year 2020 and we can see that comparing to year 2019, there is 5.81% improvement in Poland and 5.27% improvement in Spain. This means that there are mentioned % less clients in particular countries that are late for the repayment of loan for more than five days. These numbers are result due to of our changes in risk policy and debt collection procedures, which also decreased the amount of issued loans, however in order to maintain the quality of portfolio, we aim to keep the current policy for as long as it will be necessary.

The next thing we would like to point out and as some of you may have already noticed, we are also updating “About” section in www.swaper.com, where we will add even more information in the closest weeks.

Lastly, on May 6th, we are launching highly requested “Refer a friend” option in our platform. We are thankful that we have such loyal investors, that are ready to recommend us to their friends. By a simple thing, as referring us to a friend, our investors will able to earn attractive rewards. We will publish the rules of the campaign real soon, but in the meantime here is a little peak of what we are talking about:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Your Swaper Team