Swaper fifth update during Covid-19 outbreak

Dear investors,

Coming back to you after one more week with some pretty good news.

Firstly, instead of launching our “Refer a friend” campaign on 6th of May, we are glad to say, that we did it already yesterday! The rules of the campaign and information of how will it exactly work, can be already found in your profile under the new section, that is called “Refer friend” next to “My profile” button.

Secondly great news from Spain! Spain is starting to slowly recover and the Government has created a detailed action plan, stating that it is expected that Spain is coming back to “normal” at the end of June. Of course, Spain will be taking slow baby steps and for us, it is hard to foresee how the plan will actually work, but we do believe that Spain will be able to recover as expected.

Regarding Spain from our side, we have received a lot of requests for Credit holidays, however, we have been able to negotiate with our clients for more advantageous solutions regarding their repayments, and at the end only 0,10% from all clients in Spain are using this option. Taking in a notice that the percentage is so low, this does not affect our debt collection results.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Your Swaper Team