November and Knowledge Sharing

Dear Investors,

During November we started to share insights into investing and managing your finances in our blog. We want to keep our readers up to date with recent changes and opportunities how to manage your finances so feel free to visit our blog.

Swaper operated as usual which brought us almost 18 thousand more loans to invest in totaling 611 591 cumulative loans. This resulted in 103 183 euros for our investors in one month! See more stats on our Statistics page.

We believe that investing is something every one of us should try. Some invest in education by going to schools and learning new knowledges and skills but some people invest their savings to get more income in the future and maybe even taste the life of financial freedom. Either way you should start investing, even with small amounts. See our new blog section about Investing and read yourself.

Our website was getting more attention from our IT team and quite many changes might not be seen by investors but in order to make the usability and visual side better you must start from the engine. For example, we have moved our blog to a different platform and done a slight facelift so it would be better for readers no matter which screen size they are using.

December is the last month of this year and we hope that during that month you can spend time with your loved ones more than ever. No need to rush to shopping center and get all these fancy gifts but maybe this year would be better to stay safe home and make a gift yourself by spending time with your family. Either way, be safe, be well and happy Christmas time!


PS! During holidays our systems are working as usual but please expect a slight delay on the support answers and payment processing because we are closed as follows:

Dec 23 open until 15
Dec 24 and 25 closed
Dec 31 open until 15
Jan 1 closed