Swaper seventh update during Covid-19 outbreak

Dear Investors,

As usual, we are coming back to you with another update of Swaper. We are glad to say that things are returning to normal and we already see slow but steady growth in our investor portfolios. To be precise, within the last four weeks, we have experienced growth in average funding by 35%. Together with that, we have also welcomed some new investors in our platform and of course “Refer a friend” campaign took a big part of this as its been loved by so many of our investors. We are thankful for keeping your trust with us and we appreciate each and every one of you.

As we promised, we are continuing to update our About section and as some of you have already noticed, we have added information about the team of Swaper. You are very welcome to get to know our team better here.

The countries of our loan originators are continuing to ease their restrictions regarding COVID-19 and we are following the situation in both – Spain and Poland. The conditions are getting more stable each day, thereby we are also gradually increasing the amount of issued loans in Spain. Within this week the Polish Government also announced that Poland eases lockdown, thus it is expected that they will be able to restart their economy real soon.

To ease our customers financial situation, we are continuing to offer various options regarding their loans (split repayment in parts, refinancing, payment deferrals, extending the loan repayment, etc.) and our clients are happy to use this opportunity. Lately, the amount of extended loans is slightly increasing, thus more clients are using the opportunity to extend the loan repayment term. In this case, the funds of investor will stay invested for one more month and the interest will be calculated for the extended period.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Your Swaper Team