Swaper appoints CEO to develop and execute a new growth strategy

Swaper continues its growth strategy, where the main focus will be to make investing easy, effortless and safe for its investors. In order to accomplish that, we need more power to the team and we are happy that Indrek Puolokainen is joining the team as our CEO.

Indrek will be taking on the main tasks to grow the platform by listing more loan originators, developing new functionalities and work towards licensing in 2021 when regulation is ready. He has a solid marketing background from the payday loan industry where he worked on partnerships in the United Kingdom and also launched new markets in one of the world’s biggest P2P bitcoin marketplace. We want to continue Swaper’s goal from 2016 to build a trusted and investor-friendly platform, where promises are kept and investors should not need to worry about delayed payments or BuyBacks not happening.

“I am very excited to join Swaper and that I can bring my experience in order to grow and develop the company bigger and stronger, at the same time listening to our investors’ needs,” said Indrek Puolokainen.

The Financial Report for 2019 shows that the company is strong and we want to keep working with Wandoo Finance and, additionally work on the expansion and add new loan originators so our investors can choose different investment options.

With these changes, Danija Misus will be able to concentrate more on what she loves the most – work as a Product Owner who can focus on developing the platform and mobile apps from the technical side and implement new functionalities that would improve the user experience for our investors. Her goal is to make Swaper mobile apps a place to easily invest, track and earn passive income.

We’re looking forward to an exciting future together!