Summing Up April

As May ushers in the fresh blooms and energy of spring, we transition from the renewal of April to a time of flourishing and growth. It’s a perfect moment to reflect on the successes achieved during April at Swaper, where we continue to foster deep trust and collaborative partnerships with our valued clients.

April in Numbers

Let’s take a moment to highlight the progress made in April! By the end of April, the total volume of funded loans on Swaper reached a remarkable 17.83 million EUR, reflecting robust activity and confidence in our marketplace. This means, that the growth has been 2.7% since the month before. Throughout April, we introduced 37 491 new loans to our platform. To date, the total number of loans funded at Swaper has risen to 1.74 million.

By the end of April, our clients have accumulated a total of 8.33 million EUR in interest returns, showcasing the lucrative and stable nature of investments with Swaper.

We express our heartfelt thanks for the continuous support and engagement from all our clients and users. Looking forward, we are excited about the prospects and opportunities that lie ahead as we continue to drive growth.

Stay connected for more updates and insights as we navigate another promising month at Swaper.

Updates In Our Blog

Last month, we published a blog post where we explored how to start earning passive income with minimal upfront investment and offered practical tips to achieve financial independence. In this blog post, you will find:

1) Guidance on Assessing Your Financial Objectives: Before embarking on passive income endeavors, evaluate your financial goals, risk tolerance, and available resources to choose the best strategies for your needs.
2) Tips for Starting with Low-Cost or ‘Free’ Passive Income Options: Explore ways to utilize existing assets or skills, such as renting out spare rooms or creating digital products, to generate income without substantial initial investments.
3) Insights into Diverse Passive Income Streams: Delve into various passive income opportunities, from traditional investments like stocks to modern platforms like affiliate marketing, and learn the importance of due diligence and gradual scaling.

Read the full article to either learn about passive income or refresh your current understanding of this topic; we wish you an enjoyable reading experience.

See you soon!
Your Swaper Team