September’s Results

Another month has passed which means that another update is due. We are glad to say that we are still going strong and doing our best to improve our platform day after day, aiming to offer an easy, profitable and secure way to invest. On that note – we can see that September was yet another busy one.

Let’s start with the most recent statistics of Swaper. The total amount of loans placed on our platform last month was nearly 7,65m eur and this number has increased by nearly 1m eur compared to September 2021. We added 25 031 new loans to the platform and thus the total count of loans grew to 1 147 678. We are also pleased to note that we have paid over 5,14m eur of interest to our customers over the years we have operated. We thank you for your ongoing trust and for being on this journey with us.

Apart from statistics, we’ve also published some new articles in our blog section since the last time we spoke. The first topic is quite an exciting one and something that has been made very easy for anyone to get into these days – funding businesses. While owning a piece of company can make you feel superior, it also involves some risks that you would need to consider before jumping on board. There are also certain aspects and rather great differences you might want to take into account before deciding whether to invest in startups or established businesses. We hope this post would give you a little insight and thoughts around this topic.

The second article is related to something that probably is not quite as exciting for any of us, but definitely something that we all need to prepare for in a timely manner. And that, of course, is market downturn and how to handle it. Here’s a little outtake from the piece:

Instead of fearing the market dip, see it for what it really is. An opportunity. Whenever stocks go down in value, they do not only diminish your portfolio, they also become more affordable to every investor, including you.

Take a look at the article and see what can be done beforehand in order to come prepared. And you can also take some notes on what should be kept in mind during the market downturn.

That’s all for this time, once again, we’ll keep it short and let you get back to your business while we get back to ours. Enjoy the romantic time of autumn and keep an eye out for the next update in a month. Talk soon!

Your Swaper team