September’s performance and news

Dear investors,

September has passed as a heartbeat and autumn is already here. Time really seems to fly when you’re keeping busy. October also marks our birthday and this year we’ll be 5! Let’s keep the mood festive although the month and take a little look back on the accomplishments of September.

Numberwise, we’re keeping on track. According to the statistics, we added 24 268 new loans to Swaper last month. The total count of loans offered on our platform increased to 839 250. We funded 6,67m eur worth of loans and this number has grown over 68% compared to September last year. Cumulative investments reached 246m and our investors had earned a cumulative of 3,77m eur of return by the end of September.

Our annual report is also currently being audited and we plan to publish it as soon as it’s completed. It will include our financial statement from last year – income and financial position, cash flows, equity and liabilities. We will notify our investors as soon as the report is available as we understand the great importance of such details.

In news front with our CEO, we can announce that Indrek gave an interview to the Baltic Times magazine recently. The main topics of the conversation were of course Swaper and peer-to-peer lending. Among other things, Indrek shared his thoughts about the essence of growing ones money, about the need for quick adaption whilst the pandemic and about the upcoming changes in EU crowdfunding market. Tune into more details by checking out the interview with the Baltic Times yourself.

Some other news we can share is that we are currently updating the core solution for As a result of this, the webpage will be operating faster which in turn will hopefully enhance the overall user experience of Swaper platform. This update should be launched very soon.

As usual, we have handpicked some blog posts for you to check out. Giving that the importance of investing is rising while the inflation increases, we thought it would be wise to take a look at topics such as the difference of primary and secondary market and stocks vs P2P lending. If you need a hand with getting started or feel that you need help with improving your investing strategies, you may want to check out the FIRE movement and some ideas of small investments. Of course you are welcome to browse around yourself to find something for your liking.

If you have any thoughts on other topics that you would like to be covered, then feel free to get in touch and let us know. We are always grateful for any feedback and try our best to meet the needs of our investors.

Take care,

Your Swaper team