Overview of May

As the warmth of summertime envelops us in its gentle embrace, a new month dawns upon us! With hearts full of anticipation, we bid farewell to May. Now is the perfect time to gather around and embark on a journey to uncover the story hidden within the numbers, as we wrap up May and celebrate the arrival of June.

May in numbers

We’re on track and making impressive strides. Last month alone, we added 29 930 new loans to Swaper platform, bringing the total count to an impressive 1 369 264. And get this: we funded 11.0 million euros in loans, which is 78% higher than the same month last year!
Even more exciting is that our cumulative investments have reached a whopping 407 million euros, and our investors have earned a cumulative return of 6.26 million euros by the end of May. It’s clear that we’re not just keeping up, we’re forging ahead and making big things happen!

Updates in our blog

Last month we published a post “The future of P2P marketplaces and its potential for disruption in traditional investing“. Here’s a little recap:

Discover how peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces are revolutionizing the investment industry, offering increased transparency, diverse investment options, and higher returns. These online platforms connect borrowers with lenders outside of traditional financial institutions, eliminating intermediaries and reducing fees. With advancements in technology and the democratization of investment, P2P marketplaces are poised to disrupt the status quo, providing individuals with the power to shape their financial future.

Swaper in FinFellas 2023