Overview of June

Dear Investors,

Despite the fact that it’s the middle of the summer in Europe, this summer has definitely been a busy time for us. Here’s a little conclusion of the stats and content that you might want to look into from June in Swaper.

Numbers wise, June’s Statistics show that we offered 1,3m eur more loans to choose from than a month before. Total amount grew to 7,47m eur worth of loans last month which means that this number has grown over 16,5% compared to June 2021. We added 26 201 new loans to the platform and it’s over 12% more than in June ’21. The total count of loans grew to 1 066 569.  We are very pleased with our active investors and look forward to increasing these numbers with the help from all of you.

We also have some new financial knowledge related content to share with you on your pursuit to getting financially comfortable. There is an article discussing whether Dollar Cost Averaging is the best method for an average investor. Worry not, if you’re not familiar with the term, yet. After reading the post you will have a better understand what DCA stands for and what it entails. And even if you already know a thing or two about DCA, you may find some new interesting viewpoints on the subject.

The other post from June will fill you in on all the basic details of investing in index funds as well as in picking stocks yourself. Here’s a little outtake from it to give you a taste:

For example, a valuable benefit of investing in single stocks is – actually knowing and understanding what exactly you invest into. Generally, experienced investors tend to research and/or like the stocks they buy. Investing in an index fund, you would never be afforded such luxury. The best you can hope for is finding an index fund that follows SOME of the stocks you want.

We are posting new articles regularly and there are some new and interesting topics coming up soon. You can also take a look at all the posted articles, including older pieces by clicking here.

That’s it from the news front for now. We’re wishing you a lovely summer time!

Talk soon,

Your Swaper Team