Overview of June

July is here, bringing warm, sunny days and the full vibrancy of summer. At Swaper, we’re inspired by this energetic time of year. As we continue through summer, we’re motivated by the growth all around us and the progress we’ve achieved recently. Let’s dive into the latest updates from Swaper!

June in Numbers

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the milestones we reached in June! By the end of June, Swaper’s total volume of funded loans had grown to an impressive 619 million EUR.

During June, we welcomed 42 422 new loans to our platform, bringing the overall count of loans facilitated through Swaper to 1.83 million bringing the total to 20.4 million euros in loan volumes.

By the close of June, our users had earned a total of 8.82 million EUR in interest, highlighting the rewarding and stable investment opportunities provided by Swaper.

We are deeply grateful for the continuous support and active engagement of all our clients. As we look ahead, we are excited about the possibilities and opportunities for further growth.
Stay connected for more updates and insights as we journey through another exciting month at Swaper.

We hope that summer brings joy and warmth to everyone’s heart.

Your Swaper Team