Overview of August

Dear Investors,

We hope you’re keeping well. Autumn has surely made a drastic entrance to Estonia and now it’s once again time to look into the performance of our platform in August. Overall, we’ve been keeping busy and as a result of some of that work we have finalised the new versions of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy recently. These were the next steps we needed to take in order to prepare for bringing new loan originators onboard in the near future. But right now – numbers and content from August.

Looking into the statistics, we are once again pleased to see that we had over 100k eur more available loans to invest in than the month before. Total amount grew to 8,26m eur, and this number has increased by nearly 17% compared to August 2021. We added 28 035 new loans to the platform which is nearly 9% more than in August 2021. The total count of loans grew to 1 122 647. We also reached the 5m milestone – that’s the sum of interest that our investors have earned with us over the years.

We’ve added some new content to our blog section, as well. You might have noticed, that we have adjusted the timing of new posts in such a way that they would be published biweekly. This means that we usually have 2-3 new posts a month and it feels like that’s the right balance between offering our investors some thought food and not over exhausting ourselves nor you.

The first article from last month that we would like to highlight explores the different Savings Account options in the UK. While it may seem like a foreign topic for those who don’t have a close financial relationship with the UK, we thought that it would actually give you a good opportunity to look into how things work elsewhere. After all, a successful investor is one with large and wide knowledge base.

/…inflation rides high and savings accounts with their meagre rates might not seem like a great idea, but what fits one, might not fit the other. Set your financial goals, educate yourself on options available and who knows, maybe a savings account is the hero you need right now./

The second article is a bit more general and definitely relatable to all investors at some point on their journey – the mighty Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Want to know a way to tame your FOMO and how not to let the fear manage your portfolio? We suggest you to start with checking this post out.

You’re now all up to date with what’s been going on in Swaper lately. And on that note we’ll rush back to our usual work on keeping Swaper going and improving it as much and as fast as possible.

Your Swaper team