May’s Results

Dear Investors,

Summer time and the living is easy. It is once again time to look at May’s results and reflect on the happenings of Swaper platform.

Last month was busy. It seems that every month is busier from the previous one as the numbers keep steadily growing. According to the statistics, we added 24 280 new loans to Swaper, which is nearly twice as much as in May ’20. The total count of loans offered on our platform thus grew to 741 339. We funded 6,59m eur in loans last month, which is over 500k more than last month and this number has grown 83% compared to May last year. Cumulative investments reached 219m and our investors had earned a cumulative of 3,35m eur as a return by the end of May.

It’s good to keep in mind that regular interest payments lead to the eighth wonder of the world that every investor is after – the magical compound interest.

Put simply, compound interest is the interest you earn on your interest. When you make a return on your investment and reinvest it, your principal grows.

After all, it’s what eventually allows a regular person to earn enough passive income to retire early. Have you already signed up and made your monthly contribution? Now is the right time to act in order to prepare yourself for riches and financial freedom in the future.

In May we also created some great content to give you an idea about building your wealth in 2021 and the necessity of identity verification. It may be very natural for people who have worked for financial institutions to understand the reasons and steps of customer identification. But for those who have not had such experience, terms like KYC and due diligence may sound foreign. In this case, make sure to check out the blog post called 3 Reasons Why Financial Organisations Need to Verify Your Identity. It explains all about the basics related to verification and gives you a good insight.

For our beginner investors, we have brought out the mistakes new investors make along with pieces of advice on how to avoid them. We also shared some thoughts on how to invest your first €1000.00 when getting started on your journey towards financial freedom. As we advise in the article:

All investments are learning experiences, but going high risk at the beginning may cause significant losses and put you off investing in the future.

We believe it’s vital to have the ability to learn and gain knowledge if you want to be a successful investor, rather than a gambler.

We have some great news about our blog and for those who are interested in keeping up with the advice and content on our website. You will soon have an option to subscribe to the blog posts which means you will be notified about the new blog posts regularly. You are also more than welcome to follow us on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter to keep up to date with our news and campaigns as well.

That’s all for now. We hope the excellent weather is here to stay to give you all a chance to enjoy the sun and relax in your favourite kind of way. But also to give you enough power and energy to get the necessary things done. Thank you for choosing Swaper out of all the great P2P marketplaces!

Your Swaper Team