May’s overview

Dear Investors,

Summer seems to have arrived to Europe (although a little later than usual). And you may already be enjoying the summery weather and charging your batteries somewhere under the sun. So we’ll give you a sharp and short overview of May in Swaper and let you get back to your relaxing-business shortly.

Our most recent Statistics show that our investors had earned a cumulative 4,63m eur of return by the end of May. We added 21 229 new loans to Swaper platform last month and the total cumulative investments count grew to 1 040 368. We funded a total of 6,16m euros worth of loans.

Last month we also added two factor authentication to make access to your investor accounts more secure. It’s something that some of our investors have asked for lately. In case you find that 2FA would give you some extra peace of mind, as well, then you can set it up by following the instructions under My Profile area. You would need to download an application that would generate OTP codes (e.g apps like Google Authenticator or Authy) in order to set the 2FA function up and use a generated code from the app in order to log in to your account each time going forward. If you need any assistance with this, you can find some information from our FAQ section or feel free to turn to our Customer Service team for help.

We have added a few blog posts to share some financial thoughts. You may have some more time to contemplate on them during your summer vacay. The topics of the articles vary quite a bit and surely there is something for everyone. For example, while some investors find that all debt is bad, this opinion is often challenged by others who find that a multitude of criteria should be taken into consideration before deciding what’s good and what is not. If you want to check out the thoughts around this topic, you’re welcome to read Good Debt vs Bad Debt.

Leaving debt aside, we also have a couple of new articles related to well-known strategies for your investments. You may or may not be familiar with them already, but they are both something every serious investor should at least be aware of and consider when growing their money. We suggest to look into Importance of Diversification for Long-Term Investing and Portfolio Balancing – HOW and WHEN it Should be Done, when you have a moment.

Just as a little reminder here as well that, we’ll have a shorter week coming soon. Namely, our Customer Service Team will be working until 3pm on 22nd of June and have 23rd and 24th of June off for Midsummer’s celebrations in Estonia.

That’s it, short and sweet – as promised. We hope you enjoy the summer and talk soon!


Your Swaper Team