March’s Results

As April heralds the arrival of spring, we bid adieu to winter’s chill and welcome a season of renewal. In this vein, let’s delve into the latest insights from Swaper, celebrating the trust and partnership we share with our clients, fostering valued connections in every aspect.

March in numbers

As for now, let’s examine what the numbers offer us! March brought the total volume of loans available on Swaper to 17.35 million EUR! During the month, we introduced 36,339 new loans to our platform. Furthermore, the total number of all-time loans has increased to 1.70 million. By the end of March, our investors had earned a cumulative interest return of 8.13 million EUR. We are beyond grateful and anticipate continued growth in the future.

One Time Passwords (OTPs) for withdrawals to enhance security

In our latest update, we’re thrilled to introduce a new security feature aimed at enhancing your experience with Swaper: One Time Passwords (OTPs) for withdrawals. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Enhanced Security: OTPs add an extra layer of protection to your withdrawal process, ensuring your funds are safe and secure.
  • Simple Verification: When initiating a withdrawal, you’ll receive a unique OTP to your registered email. Then, insert the received code into Swaper web or mobile app to confirm your withdrawal.
  • 20-Minute Validity: OTPs are valid for 20 minutes, giving you ample time to complete your transaction.
  • Easy Resend: If you didn’t receive the OTP, you can request a new one with a simple click.
  • Support Assistance: Need help? Our support team is here for you if you encounter any issues with receiving or entering your OTP.
  • Cancellation Policy: If you don’t enter the OTP within 20 minutes, the withdrawal process will be automatically canceled, ensuring your security.

At Swaper, we’re dedicated to providing a seamless and secure experience for our users, and OTPs for withdrawals are just one more way we’re achieving that goal. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to prioritize your security and peace of mind.

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Happy spring!

Your Swaper Team