March Update

Dear Investors,

The long winter is finally finding its end and we’re surely all ready for some sunny spring. While there is a lot going on in the world right now, it’s important to both maintain the inner balance as much as it’s currently possible and to stay in touch with one another. This, of course, requires good communication, which we at Swaper are trying to keep up.

You can see from our most recent Statistics that our investors have earned a cumulative of 4,45m eur of return by the end of March. We added 27 946 new loans to Swaper platform last month and it’s nearly 30% increase compared to March ’21. The total cumulative investments count grew to 995 601 – almost 1 million! We funded 7,06m euros worth of loans last month. Compared to March ’21, this has grown by 43%. We are glad to have such active investors and look forward to increasing these numbers with the help from all of you.

For those investors who are interested in a conversation on the topic of financial decisions, we have some new content news to shout out. Last month we shared some thoughts on whether you should manage your finances yourself or hire a professional to do that for you. It’s a big call and an important aspect to analyse prior to making up your mind. You’ll find some pros and cons to help you consider which path would be the right one for you. Here’s a little outtake:

The world has evolved past whether you have a financial advisor in your village or not. Solutions to your needs are readily available just about anywhere and anytime – provided you have an internet connection. It’s just a matter of knowing whether you require help with your finances. So why and when should you hire a professional?

As there has also been some communication about taxes lately, we would like to remind you that declaring your taxes is your own responsibility as an investor. And at Swaper you can easily download the Income Statements for each previous year you have invested with us by selecting the applicable year under My Profile area. Additionally, you might be interested in reading the short guide to P2P lending and taxes.

The Easter is nearly here and thus we will have shorter week this time. As many countries in the world, we will also be taking the time for some introspection on Good Friday to be back afresh on Monday morning. We hope you have a successful month and lovely Easter time with your families and loved ones.

Your Swaper Team