March’s Numbers and Beginning of Spring

The long winter is finally gone and spring has officially made it to Europe. It’s once again time to conclude the numbers and happenings of March and give our investors an update on the status quo.

Overall, we are keeping extra busy with preparing the platform for taking on new loan originators. The work involves developing and designing of new Auto-Invest Portfolios, expanding our team, onboarding new loan originators and performing proper checks etc. Among other things we are also making sure that everything will be compliant as needed.

You are surely glad to hear about the new product that Wandoo Finance has just launched. It is called Avinto and it offers loans up to 850 EUR with the loan term between 7-30 days in Spanish market. The short term loans from Avinto will come available on Swaper soon. Knowing that Wandoo has great experience in the consumer loan industry, we are sure that Avinto will ace in the market in no time.

Let’s go on with Swaper’s results from March. According to statistics, our investors had earned a cumulative of 3,15m EUR by the end of March. We placed nearly 22 000 new loans to our platform with the total amount of loans on Swaper cumulating to 694 491. The average investor funding in March was 796,29 €. It’s assuring to see that the numbers are still steadily growing.

In case you are after some additional financial wisdom, we have some great pieces to read in our blog from last month. One of our favourites is giving an overview of 5 habits of successful people. The importance of the subject is nicely reflected with the following:

“Implementing the right habits can often be the difference between having a high net worth and losing everything overnight.“

But don’t just believe our quotation from the post – go read it for yourself and absorb the inspiring thoughts that may change ones life.

We also published a piece Why More Women Should Invest in P2P loans. It really is great a piece digging into the reasons behind the number of women investors remaining so low. While suggesting the importance and ways to increase the amount of women investors. In the light of Women’s Day, we also held a giveaway campaign on our Facebook page. This was to gain a bit of attention to the subject of Women and investing. The winners are announced on our Facebook page.

This is all for today. We hope that the weather keeps up and grants us the possibility to spend more time in the nature. Take care and speak to you soon!