Looking back on November

Dear Investors,

Suddenly, 2021 is close to coming to an end. We can probably all agree that the year (as well as the previous one) could have been easier on everyone, but we hope that there’s also been some growth and new perspectives that have come up due to the course change. Either way, the expectations for a greater 2022 and the end of global pandemic are certainly very high. We’ll hope for the best outcomes, and while the fingers are still crossed, let’s dig into the numbers from November.

It appears that we have helped our investors earn a cumulative of 3,99m eur of return (upcoming milestone alert!). We added 24 712 new loans the the platform, thus, the total number of loans grew to 889 543. Cumulative volume totaled to 259,6m. This means that our investors funded over 6,67m eur worth of loans last month, which is 32% more than the same time in November 2020. You can find a more through overview on our Statistics page.

The end of the year is the perfect time for preparing to make a difference in your life. And in case you need a little kickstart for your transformation process, there are some new entries in our blog section that should get your attention. Previously, we have touched base with the inevitable topic of debt on the journey towards financial freedom. By now, we have added two more specific posts in regards to some tactics on how to pay off your high interest loans:

As situations vary from people to people, we think it’s wise to look thought a few different options, before deciding what’s best for you to put into practice.

In case the above chapter is not applicable to your current life then the latest post may fancy your interest instead. Along with some examples of how to minimise your monthly expenses, we have discussed the subject of whether you should build an emergency fund or not. Here’s a little take from the post to give you a glimpse of the piece:

By reducing your expenses, the amount of your available finances should increase. Combine that with a possible side gig, if you find one that suits your skill level and schedule. And you will be well on your way to some much-needed extra money. How you should go about using these funds is entirely up to you. However, there are a few tips we already went over previously and will touch upon again this time, too. All in good time.

Perhaps you’ll find something useful for yourself to digest or maybe you know someone who could find some use of these blog entries. In such case, feel free to care and share. A small effort could go a long way.

This was all for today. We hope that the festive month will treat you extra well and offer your soul the most valuable investments there are – lots of peaceful time with your healthy loved ones!

Snowy greetings from Tallinn!