Looking back at July

The month of July rolled around on the calendar, bringing with it a surge of enthusiasm. We’ll examine the statistics that July infused onto our platform in this article. Let’s plunge in and enjoy the splendor of this wonderful month!

July in numbers

Let’s see what the numbers offer us! By the end of the previous month, our clients had accumulated interest earnings of 6.5m EUR. We added 29 343 new loans to the Swaper platform only last month alone, bringing the total to a fascinating 1 426 778. The total cumulative investments grew to 429,8m EUR. Our customers funded nearly 11,68m EUR of loans last months. We are beyond grateful and anticipate continued growth in the future.

What’s new in our blog?

We have published a new blog post to our blog “Comparison of P2P Marketplaces to Crowdfunding (Real Estate) and Peer-to-Peer Lending“. Here’s a recap:

Alternative investing platforms have grown in popularity, providing people with options to diversify their portfolios. Examples include P2P markets, real estate crowdfunding, and P2P lending. While P2P lending offers alternative finance with maybe higher returns, real estate crowdfunding offers tangible asset investments with fewer capital needs. Through direct asset trading, P2P markets encourage financial inclusion and liquidity while balancing risk and reward. Building a well-diversified investment portfolio requires making wise decisions among various platforms. Read more here.

As we say goodbye to July, we think back on a month that was vibrant and comfortable, where the embrace of summer offered beloved traditions and enjoyable experiences. Let’s treasure the memories and look forward to the days ahead as we gratefully greet them.

Until next time!
Your Swaper team