June’s Results

Welcome to June’s recap! Come along as we look at this beautiful month’s milestones as we say goodbye to June. We send our warmest wishes for a delightful summertime, filled with sunshine and relaxation. May July offer you the perfect opportunity to enjoy your well-deserved vacation time.

Last month’s statistics

By the end of last month, our investors had earned a cumulative of 6,42m EUR of interest. In June, the number of new loans added to the platform was 28 171, which means that the total number of loans grew to 1 397 435, and the total cumulative interest equaled 418,1m EUR. In conclusion, our investors funded nearly 10,91m EUR of loans last month. You can find a more thorough overview on our Statistics page.

Latest blog updates

In June, we published a post “P2P Marketplaces: Promoting Financial Inclusion and Democratizing Investment Access“. Here’s a little recap:

Peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces are revolutionizing investment access while boosting financial inclusion by bringing borrowers and investors together. These platforms offer accessible and adaptable funding, eschewing conventional intermediaries and streamlining regulatory procedures. Individuals get access to credit and investment opportunities through P2P marketplaces, promoting economic growth and expanding investment portfolios beyond conventional options. P2P marketplaces are changing how consumers access financial services and increasing prospects for global financial engagement as they continue to develop.

The month of June treated us well. It was filled with vibrant colors and treasured memories. From the blossoming flowers to the embrace of summer, the month provided a reminder of the countless chances that lie ahead. As we go into July, let’s eagerly anticipate what it has in store for us, embracing the potential for thrilling new encounters, precious memories, and the joy of summer.

See you soon!
Your Swaper Team