July’s Results

Dear Investors,

It’s once again time to look into the performance of last month. We hope you’re all well rested and full of energy from your holidays and thirsty for some numbers.

Statistics of July show that we offered 680k eur more loans to invest in than the month before. Total amount grew to 8,16m eur and we’re glad to see that this number has grown by over 23% compared to July 2021, it is also the highest number we’ve seen in the past two years. We added 28 043 new loans to the platform which is over 14% more than in July ’21. The total count of loans grew to 1 094 612.  We are glad to show some growth and hope that the numbers will continue in the same direction.

Leaving numbers aside, we published some new content on our blog last month. The topics are closely related to different aspects of investing that you ought to consider or perhaps would like to know more about. For example, you may wish to look into some pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrencies before deciding whether to allocate a part of your portfolio to it. And in case you have questions about the percentage of your portfolio that would be wise to leave for such investments, you’ll definitely find some suggestions from the post.

The other article we would advise you to look into from last month is quite a contrast to the previous topic. It’s about starting to invest in real estate – which is probably considered as one of the most safe investment options out there (when done right, of course). That is due to the fact that the prices tend to grow over time and thus gain a decent value. But of course, nothing in life is black and white and besides the generous benefits you would also need to consider some aspects before choosing this direction.

If there’s one common goal that unites investors across the continents – it’s generating profits to increase and maintain their quality of life. Few other investment types help achieve this goal at the same rate as becoming a real estate investor.

While traditional investing can provide you more liquidity and sometimes even meteoric growth at a much lower price, real-estate investing offers substantial advantages that traditional investing just can’t.

However, one must consider that with the higher upside there also comes a lower downside, too.

One shoe hardly fits all, which is why a great investor has knowledge of as many investment options out there as possible before knowing what fits them best. Thus, we encourage you to read and gain as much information as possible.

That’s all for this time. We wish you a great summer time and speak to you soon.

Your Swaper Team