January’s results

Dear Investors,

By the end of January, our investors had earned a cumulative of 4,23m eur of interest for funding loans through Swaper. We added 27 394 new loans to the platform last month and the number of loans totalled to 943 106. The total of cumulative equalled to 274,2m. By this we can say that our investors funded nearly 7,49m eur worth of loans last month, which is close to 31% more than at the same time in January 2021. You can find a more thorough overview on our Statistics page. 

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Before we put the pencil down, we wanted to give you a quick reminder. It’s time to start thinking about your taxes and with Swaper, you can easily download the Income Statement for your tax return in PDF. Once you have logged in to your account you will find it under My Profile area. A procedure nice and easy.

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