January Update and Changes Ahead

New year – new goals and directions. We’re excited to share this post in order to give you an update on how we’ve done in January and fill you in with the planned changes we are heading towards in 2021.

We are glad to see that the numbers still look good. According to the statistics, we had helped our investors earn a cumulative of 2,94m eur in interest by the end of January. Our loan originator, Wandoo Finance Group provided us with over 20 000 new loans last month, with the total amount of loans on Swaper cumulating to 652 258. The total volume of our platform reached to 194,9m, which means that we are about to reach a new milestone – 200m, and it is likely to take place in February!

But numbers can only reflect one side of business. Another side that we believe to be essential is the communication between us and our investors. Therefore, we intentionally put in a great effort to write actively and regularly in order to fill you in on any news and goals related to Swaper. We are glad to tell you that you can now read the freshly published post concluding Second half of 2020 – accomplishments and plans for 2021 to learn about the huge changes we are working on this year. The decisions to make changes were made to fix any issues and to offer a better platform for investors to grow their money. You will get an overview of our Investor Survey and how we are trying to improve the points that our investors have advised they would like us to work on. Among other things, we talked about why we decided to bring in new loan originators this year and how we are planning to offer more security to our business as well as our investors.

We also have some exciting news about our website, which some of our investors might have already noticed – a whole new section called P2P Investing: The Definitive Guide. This page was mainly created in order to be a point of reference for those interested in learning a bit more about P2P investments and the terminology around it. Of course we are still creating and publishing P2P related blog posts every Monday. There are two star-posts that you definitely need to have a look at from January – The Power Of Compound Interest and FIRE Movement: How P2P Investing Can Help You Reach Early Retirement. They will both show you why its important to have a good game plan in life and inspire you to set some goals for the years to come.

Another exciting news we can share is that this year has also started with a nomination for an award for Swaper! Therefore, we would be grateful for any support from our investors in winning the award for the Best Crowdlending Platform at BankingCheck & eKomi Award 2021. We achieved it once in 2019 and with your help we can surely do it again. It just takes a moment to vote and leave feedback – but your vote would mean a lot to us!

Happy investing in February! Keep yourself safe and stay tuned for any updates about further changes with Swaper!