February overview during the changed world

Dear Investors,

Europe and the world have changed substantially from January and there are things happening that we could not even imagine few weeks ago, our hearts go out to people in Ukraine. We truly hope that the war in Ukraine will come to an end soon and that people can return to their home country. Update on this situation related to Swaper has not changed because we do not have any cooperation with companies or investors from Russia, Belarus or Ukraine. Nor has our loan originator Wandoo Finance as they issue loans only in Poland and Spain, however we keep monitoring the situation by keeping the risk levels under control.

Number wise, we’re keeping on track. According to the statistics, we added 24 549 new loans to Swaper last month. Thus, the total count of loans offered on our platform grew to 967 655. We funded 6,84m eur in loans and this number is over 23% higher compared to February last year. Cumulative investments reached 281m and our investors had earned a cumulative of 4,33m eur as a return by the end of February.

As usual, we have handpicked some blog posts to keep up the dialogue related to your personal financial wellness. In the first post that we would like to suggest you to look into discusses the subject around taking out a loan to invest and brings out the facts explaining why it may not be the greatest idea. Here’s a little outtake from the piece:

So, all in all – taking out a loan to invest can put you in a high-risk situation, with the benefits being far outweighed by the risks. To proceed with this sort of venture, you must calculate everything – all constants and all variables of both the loan and the investment. In fact, when investing with borrowed funds, try to employ even more prudence than with your own money.

The topic of the second post is somewhat related to the previous one. It dwells deeper into the context of financial debt and discusses whether you should rather choose to pay off your debts or place your funds into investments. In case you are debt free yourself, you might know someone else who could benefit from this type of discussion. And if you do – feel free to share the good word.

That’s all the news for this time. We keep our hearts and thoughts with those fighting for their lives and pray for immediate peace.


Thank you for choosing us!

Your Swaper team