December Results and Tax Preparing

Dear Investors,

The start of the new month is the perfect time to look back on Swaper last month’s results in order to wrap up the December results. All and all, we can say that we were in business as usual, but certainly felt a bit jollier due to the holidays.  

By looking at the last year in numbers, we can see that we have been in a steady and constant growth, which surely communicates of strength and reliability of our platformBy the end of December we helped our investors to earn cumulative of 2,84m eur of pure return and last month alone we added almost 20 000 new loans on the platform. Total number of loans grew to 631 372 totaling cumulative volume to 189,2m. You can see more stats on our Statistics page.

It is also the time to start thinking about your taxes. We wanted to let you know that with Swaper, you can easily download the Income Statement for your 2020 tax return in PDF. Once you have logged in to your account you will find it under My Profile >> Income Statement page. It’s all very easy and straightforward.

We wrote about peer to peer lending taxes in a blog post in December to share a little insight and examples of tax return in different countries. Perhaps you didn’t know that in case you lived in Portugal as a foreign resident, you don’t need to pay any taxes on your investments for the first 10 years? Or maybe the following comes as a surprise to you: ’If you’re investing as a company, you will pay a lower tax rate. In Germany, for example, the personal rate is 25% for individual investors and goes down to 15% for companies. In the UK, you get a £1,000 personal allowance before getting taxed.’? If it seems like it might be an interesting read for you, then the full post is available in our blog.

You might already know, but we created an investing section to our blog where you can gain some ideas and knowledge about different topics such as why the pandemic is a good time to invest in P2P loans and the differences between P2P investing and stock market, but there are plenty of more topics to choose from.

In case you find the blog posts useful and know someone who could benefit from them, too, make sure to share the good word and links with your friends and family. We all know that caring will find its way back to you in one way or another.

Happy investing and many great returns in 2021!