April’s Numbers and Website Updates

Dear investors,

It’s once again time to look at the numbers from April. We also have some updates for you that are related to our website and investing. Make sure to keep reading in order to find out.

April was another busy month and as a result of it we can soon launch our new Auto-Invest Portfolio. No need to worry, we will notify you once the new feature is out and explain all about it. But as a small teaser we can say that there will be options to choose between a pre-set portfolio and advanced one. There will also be some new criteria to set, e.g type of loan, loan originator and BuyBack. Another new feature that will be released soon is a separate webpage introducing our loan originators. This will also be necessary as we are planning to onboard new loan originators.

Now, about what we were up to last month. On the second half of April we were excited to welcome Avinto short term loans on Swaper platform. These loans have already been a great addition to the regular loans. And they also come in handy by helping us offer more investment options. This in turn will let our investors earn more interest.

In the light of interest, we have helped our investors earn a cumulative of 3,24m eur of return. We added 22 568 new loans the the platform last month, thus, the total number of loans grew to 717 059. Cumulative volume totaled to 212,4m. This means that our investors funded over 6m eur worth of loans last month, which is 71,9% more than the same time in April 2020. You can find a more through overview on our Statistics page.

It is vital to keep up-to-date with relevant updates and information in order to make right moves. Numbers and updates aside, we publish educative blog posts every Monday. Among other great reads, you can see a conclusion of 10 Best P2P Investing Forums, Blogs and Communities to Help You Level-Up Your Investment Strategies. Find out if your favourite sites have made it to the list and make sure to let us know if you think it’s missing some good ones.

We have also shared a post explaining the relationship between the borrower, lender and loan originator. What Is A Loan Originator And How Do They Work? (Plus, 3 Ways They Benefit Investors) will also dig into how loan originators work and how they make money. It will surely give our investors a nice insight into how lending-investing industry really works.

That’s it for now. Be sure to send us your feedback about website updates and our blog. This is a good way for us to find out about your thoughts and needs. And it will also help us deliver a great and easy investing platform. May your spring be sunny and fruitful! Talk soon.