7th Birthday Loyalty Bonus Giveaway!

Register or Refer a Friend and as a token of our gratitude, you have a chance to win Loyalty Bonus for next six months.

Register between 6th and 29th October, and you could be one of the 3 lucky winners of a 6-month Loyalty Bonus program membership starting from November 1st, 2023.
To qualify, simply sign up, verify your account, and deposit at least 100 EUR (or equivalent in GBP) during the campaign period.

But here’s the twist – our existing Swaper customers have a chance too! If your Refer-A-Friend link is used by new users during the campaign, you’re in the running. There are not just one, but 3 winners among new customers and 3 winners among our existing customers who refer a friend. Keep in mind that you can also get Refer a Friend bonus on top!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to earn rewards and discover the benefits of Swaper’s Loyalty Bonus program. See the full campaign details and terms down below.



Loyalty Bonus Giveaway Terms and Conditions

1. The „ LOYALTY BONUS GIVEAWAY” is a campaign (hereinafter referred – Campaign) of Swaper Platform OÜ, registry code: 14726410, (hereinafter referred – Swaper) granting reward for attracting new users to the platform www.swaper.com (hereinafter referred – Platform) or new users who sign up in accordance with terms and conditions stated below.
2. All terms used in the Campaign have the same meaning as in Terms of Use of Platform unless otherwise defined herein.
3. The Campaign is valid from October 06, 2023 to October 29, 2023 or unless terminated earlier by Swaper.
4. The Campaign is applicable to:
4.1. all new natural persons who are registered, verified and have opened an active account and have deposited at least 100 EUR (or equivalent in GBP) to their Swaper account during the Campaign validity period stated in Clause 3;
4.2. all existing Swaper natural person customers (hereinafter referred – User) who do not have Loyalty Bonus already and whose referred Refer-A-Friend code/link has been used while new users have signed up and have deposited at least 100 EUR (or equivalent in GBP) during the Campaign period.
5. Campaign Rewards are 6 (six) Loyalty Bonus program memberships for each winner for 6 (six) months starting from November 1, 2023 until April 30, 2024 (hereinafter referred – Reward). Loyalty Bonus info and terms are found on Swaper website: https://swaper.com/en/bonuses/loyalty-bonus.
6. Campaign rewards are raffled among all the eligible participants and their first name and last name initial is published on Campaign page latest on November 01, 2023. If there is not enough eligible participants from existing Users then Swaper can raffle winners from among new registered participants and vice versa.
7. If the reward winner after the Loyalty bonus term ends is eligible for the Loyalty bonus regular terms, then he/she will keep the Loyalty bonus membership according to regular terms of the Loyalty bonus. If the Loyalty bonus terms are not met, the reward winner will lose the Loyalty bonus membership from May 1, 2024.
8. When the User referring a potential User, the User shall warn a potential User that before registering on the Platform and starting to invest, a potential User needs to make sure that such services and products are allowed and not restricted in their residence country; The User needs to warn that such investments are subject to risks and may result with losses.
9. In case of breach of these Terms and Conditions and/or Terms of Use of Platform, the Users will be disqualified immediately by Swaper without any prior written notice.
10. Campaign’s Reward is granted for Users only if the following conditions are fulfilled:
10.1. The User and the person invited to Platform is not the same person;
10.2. The User has not breached these Terms and Conditions as well as Terms of Use of Platform;
10.3. The User must be registered on Platform and has his or her identity verified as well as updated any missing or invalid documents.
10.4. The invited person is a natural person who is at least 18 years old;
10.5. The invited person cannot be a legal entity whose shareholder or representative is the referring User and vice versa.
10.6. The invited person is registered as User of Platform after the invitation and never was registered as a User on Platform before invitation.
11. Campaign’s Reward may be subject to verification by Swaper at its sole discretion. Swaper may withhold a Reward for investigation if there is a suspicion that the User acts in violation of these Terms and Conditions.
12. The Users may contact Swaper for any issue and for any additional information at any time by sending us e-mail at info@swaper.com.
13. The Program cannot be used in conjunction with any other Swaper’s promotions besides Refer a Friend campaign.
14. The Users shall be fully responsible for their participation in the Campaign and shall compensate damages caused by their illegal activities in full.
15. Swaper shall not be deemed responsible for any technical issues when the referral code or link does not work properly when the invited person is registering the account on Platform.
16. The legal relations arising from the Campaign shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions that have been published on the Platform at the moment when invited person created account using the User’s provided referral code or link.
17. Swaper shall be entitled to make unilateral changes in these Terms and Conditions or to terminate the Campaign in any time, at its sole discretion.